An E-Liquid Flavor Wheel

E-liquids are available in a superior number of flavors. A scientific classification of e-liquid flavors is important to improve comparability of investigate outcomes. Inside the food, alcohol, and fragrance industry, flavors are classified employing flavor wheels. We systematically reviewed literature on flavors associated with electronic cigarette use, to investigate how e-liquid flavors are actually classified in investigation, and propose an e-liquid taste wheel to classify e-liquids depending on promoting descriptions.MethodsThe search was carried out in Could 2017 making use of PubMed and Embase databases. Key phrases included terms connected to Digital cigarette, flavors, liking, learning, and wanting in content articles. Effects were being independently screened and reviewed. Flavor classes Utilized in the content articles reviewed were being extracted.ResultsSearches yielded 386 exceptional content of which 28 ended up included. Forty-three primary taste classes had been documented in these article content (eg, tobacco, menthol, mint, fruit, bakery/dessert, Liquor, nuts, spice, candy, coffee/tea, beverages, chocolate, sweet flavors, vanilla, and unflavored). Taste classifications of e-liquids in literature showed similarities and dissimilarities across research. Our proposed e-liquid taste wheel includes thirteen major categories and ninety subcategories, which summarize flavor groups from literature to locate a shared vocabulary. For classification of e-liquids making use of our flavor wheel, internet marketing descriptions needs to be employed.


We’ve got proposed a flavor wheel for classification of e-liquids. Even further analysis is necessary to examination the taste wheels’ empirical value. Continually classifying e-liquid flavors employing our flavor wheel in study (eg, experimental, promoting, or qualitative studies) minimizes interpretation variations and will increase comparability of benefits.ImplicationsWe reviewed e-liquid flavors and taste classes Employed in investigation. A sizable variation inside the naming of taste types was uncovered and e-liquid flavors were not constantly labeled. We made an e-liquid flavor wheel and delivered a guideline for systematic classification of e-liquids based on marketing descriptions. Our taste wheel summarizes e-liquid flavors and types Employed in literature so that you can produce a shared vocabulary. Applying our taste wheel in study on e-liquids will strengthen info interpretation, increase comparability across studies, and aid plan makers in creating guidelines for regulation of e-liquid flavors.


Digital cigarettes (e-cigarettes) vaporize e-liquids, which encompass a propylene glycol and glycerol base, as well as a varying quantity of nicotine and flavorings.1 Flavorings are the flavor molecules present in e-liquids that lead to the perceived flavor, whereas we seek advice from flavors as the blended sensations of style and scent of e-liquids from a selected manufacturer. The volume of offered e-liquid flavors exceeded 7500 in 2014 and continues to be increasing.two These flavors improve sensory appeal in the 100ml vape juice e-liquid.3 Expanding attractiveness of e-liquid flavors could promote smokers to utilize an e-cigarette as choice for regular cigarettes, as nontobacco and nonmenthol flavors are connected with higher premiums of smoking cessation.4–6 On the flip side, it really is very well founded that flavors in tobacco solutions generally catch the attention of adolescents and youth.7–10 Taste preferences may Perform an essential position in e-cigarette use amid adolescents.11 Particularly nontobacco e-liquid flavors are appealing to nonsmoking youth, therefore stimulating use and nicotine consumption.twelve–14

Nicotine-containing e-liquids Have got a stimulating impact on the reward program throughout the brain, which happens to be implicated in the development of addiction.15 The core psychological factors of reward are liking, Studying, and wanting.16 While flavors are added to enhance item liking, addictive substances which include nicotine Enjoy a job in commitment and affect the reward method by mechanisms of Understanding and wanting. Contemplating current literature, study has typically focused on the function of flavors in liking of e-cigarettes, offering Perception in e-cigarette use and Tastes. As an illustration, a review of Huang et al.17 showed that the majority of e-cigarette users want nontraditional flavors for example fruit and sweet flavors in comparison with common flavors such as tobacco or menthol. Furthermore, a new examine showed that adolescents predominantly favor fruit, candy/dessert, and vanilla, While essentially the most desired flavors among adults are nonsweet e-cigarette flavors for example fruit, tobacco, and menthol/mint.eleven For regulation needs, it is crucial to know how taste liking differs between various purchaser groups, such as, Grownup tobacco smokers and nonsmoking adolescents or youth. Nevertheless, as The range of accessible e-liquid flavors improves and A lot more exploration is currently being performed, a systematic means of flavor classification is necessary in order to extend comparability of success and facilitate data interpretation amongst researchers and policy makers.

Taste wheels have already been created being a Device to continuously classify flavors and/or aromas inside the food stuff, Alcoholic beverages, and fragrance industries. A taste wheel visually represents a shared vocabulary of taste attributes which might be categorized into typical categories. As an example, Noble et al.eighteen formulated a wine aroma wheel in 1984 made up of twelve principal classes including fruity, vegetative, nutty, earthy, chemical, floral, and spicy, and employs subattributes for specification. In the same way, taste wheels have also been formulated for other alcoholic beverages (eg, beer and whiskey),19,20 for food items (eg, chocolate, espresso, olive oil, and cheese),21–24 and for fragrances.25 Relating to tobacco products and solutions, the sector has made a cigar taste wheel that includes 8 primary groups and 52 subcategories.26 These taste wheels are used as a common vocabulary inside of industries and science, for instance, as being a Instrument utilized by client or pro panels to evaluate taste attributes.Though the amount of special e-cigarette flavors is growing, no taste wheel for e-liquids at this time exists. We’ve reviewed e-liquid taste classification in present literature and suggest a flavor wheel to systematically classify e-liquid flavors.

The significance of establishing a systematic flavor classification for e-liquids was previously described by Yingst et al.,27 who performed a survey about members’ favourite e-liquid flavor. The researchers employed the participants’ responses to establish a list of taste types and suggestions for classification of e-liquid flavors. Flavor classifications might differ throughout review disciplines, as individuals interpret e-liquid brand name names and promoting descriptions in a distinct way. We thus reviewed existing literature (such as the publication of Yingst et al.) to analyze which classifications and terminology scientists have utilised so that you can locate a frequently agreed taste vocabulary.To acquire a shared vocabulary, we propose an e-liquid taste wheel that summarizes flavor classes from literature. The flavor wheel may be placed on a number of research disciplines, For example, to research liking of distinct taste types among various buyer teams. Applying our taste wheel for e-liquids will aid communication amid and concerning scientists, consumers, and policy makers, which is able to increase info interpretatio