Banner Advertising Link Exchange Benefits

While doing banner advertising, the good thing that you can consider is getting involved with the banner advertising exchanging links. But how does it work for you?

Well, banner exchange service is a website (or group of websites that handle banner exchange services) that create a website 먹튀폴리스 for inviting visitors and online guests. These sites are created with banner ads but not text links so by clicking a certain banner it will route directly to the original website that supports the banner.

Now, here’s the thing. Banner exchange services work in a duplication manner.

First thing, the monitoring of the account is the “click through rates” of each site. The number of times that a visitor can click to another site then the site receives a half credit (1/2) toward putting their banner on different sites.

Basically, the more clicks from visitors the better chances of your banner ads appearing to a number of websites. So the equation goes: the more click through rates plus the more credits for your banner to appear plus the more click through rates back to your own site!

Apparently, we are not riding in a safe-side journey here when dealing with banner exchange services. And, we cannot expect on getting something right away while still in the process of generating traffic for your new website.

Usually, links and banner ads services are advertised as “free” but there are sites in which you are going to pay for them so that your articles will be placed on their websites. Banner exchange services may not be as cost-effective as they should be so consider some factors.

You have to make sure that you are getting the exact amount of traffic that you should be getting in that banner exchange site. The ratio in having 1,000 appearances should be at least 29-35 visitors for your banner ads.

Remember, the quality of your banner is a key in getting good traffic on the account and click through rates also. At the same time, never forget that the banner exchange services are on the right track in providing you good traffic.

So, you are not only affecting your click through rates with the quality of banner ads that you have but you will be impacting the banner exchange services you are currently attached with. That is how it is.


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