Embroidery Decoupage

As technological know-how advancements our embroidery equipment come Outfitted with Progressively more fantastic equipment for making our embroidery far more excellent.

There are embroidery devices that help you combine embroidery types, color kind your models, rotate embroidery layouts, scale and resize your designs.

The hoop measurements on our embroidery machines are remarkable now…some large plenty of to carry out an entire quilt block in one hooping.

But In spite of all this technological know-how, there continues to be the worry that we would just place our embroidery layout(s) improperly on our project…Imagine if the patterns Will not line up? Let’s say 1 is a bit angled? Imagine if I do the primary 8 embroideries appropriately and afterwards There’s a issue Together with the ninth structure?

Embroidery Decoupage to your Rescue!

Really simply put, embroidery decoupage (a reputation coined by Jenny Haskins) is a method that means that you can turn Practically any embroidery design right into a cost-free standing design that may then be stitched on your venture in the exact locale you want it being.

Sew… let’s begin with our new embroidery decoupage technique!

Place one layer of a poly or nylon mesh cut away stabilizer, and just one layer of sheer poly or nylon organza, jointly in your hoop. (Commonly the organza goes on leading, nonetheless it does not genuinely issue)

Use RAYON thread to stitch your design, shifting thread colours as you’d should you had been stitching immediately on to your challenge fabric. Rayon thread will never soften stickerei similar to a polyester thread will, so this is a crucial A part of the embroidery decoupage method.

When you have finished, you must get rid of the excess stabilizer and organza from around your stitched out style. When your embroidery decoupage style is a simple style, you can Lower it absent with great sharp scissors, but the very best outcomes are realized by using a stencil wand. There are a variety of these that you can buy, most of them packaged with several different interchangeable ideas. Opt for a idea which is slender and pointy (some also have a curve on them) given that this type of tip will provide the cleanest edge on your own embroidery decoupage layout, and it will be the simplest to use. If the stencil wand is sizzling operate it round the edge within your design and style, and it will soften the nylon or poly stabilizer, however it is not going to melt your rayon thread.

Take note: When using a stencil wand for that embroidery decoupage strategy it’s important the threads are clipped from your entrance and the back again of your project just before utilizing the wand. Remember you applied rayon thread, given that we didn’t want the embroidery decoupage style to soften if the stencil wand touches it, so trimming each of the threads tends to make this Portion of the embroidery decoupage technique go less of a challenge.

At the time the excess stabilizer is taken off, utilize a glue stick to set a little glue on the back again with the embroidered style and design and place it on your own undertaking in the exact locale you wish it to get.

Up coming, make use of a matching thread, or maybe a monofilament thread and also your sewing machine to stitch the embroidery layout in position.

Everything is remaining now could be to enjoy the best placement of your embroidery decoupage venture!