The Most Ideal Homes in Gold Coast

Lifestyle Homes is a leading real estate developer and builder of custom homes. It focuses on providing a “Home away from Home” by building custom homes in both existing and pre-built lots in Gold Coast. Most of its home designs are influenced by traditional Australian design, with each lot selected for its proximity to water, its proximity to major transport links, its proximity to its natural resources, and its proximity to the Pacific Ocean and its surrounding hinterland. Lifestyle Homes Gold Coast focuses on providing top quality custom homes to meet the unique lifestyle of owners. In this article, we take a brief look at some of its homes for sale in Gold Coast, New South Wales.

The Vibe House is a stylish modern home with three bedrooms, two bathroom designs. The units are finished in white marble, granite and stainless steel. This house is equipped with a double garage, a fitted kitchen and spacious living room. The stylish design of the home includes wood floors throughout and an oval glass fireplace surround.

Located on Princes Highway, the Leisure Parkhouse is one of the few home designs that combine the benefits of both country and city living. It is perfect for families, with plenty of room to grow. The home is styled to give you a sense of open space, with its concrete floor and brick walls. The units are finished in granite, stainless steel and white colour. The home is set against a backdrop of soft blues and greens, created by the stained glass panels in the living room, whilst the interior consists of a mixture of materials, with the walls and roof covering are all in white and cream colours.

The Fleetwood Parkhouse on the other hand is an ideal place for a modern lifestyle, set against the backdrop of its natural environment of slate and sandstone. It has three bedroom units with white walls and blue trim. Each unit has its own terrace which overlooks the stunning Pacific Ocean. The units have timber floors, timber skirting boards and green tiled roofs.

If you are seeking a more traditional style home, the Ocean Shore cottage is the right choice. The beach front design units are set against the backdrop of pearls and white sandstone. The units consist of two bedroom units with wooden flooring and wall trim. The other bedroom is equipped with a timber wardrobe and wooden cupboard. The units have white inset kitchens with stainless steel backsplash.

The Gold Coast’s Surfers Paradise comes complete with two beach-front clad units, which come with their own terraces. The units are styled in a contemporary style, with sandstone floors and stainless steel appliances. The units also feature a combination home spa and sauna, as well as a wet bar. The units have been designed to accommodate three people. The home spa and sauna are heating to ensure your comfort, whilst the wet bar provides you with an irresistible drink.

The Regency Beach Resort is one of the most popular luxury beach resorts in Australia. This home offers you everything that you need to make your holiday perfect. It comes with a two storey porch, spacious terraces and airy windows. The architecture of this home is simple yet elegant, and the interior design is designed to create a relaxing retreat.

Choosing from the top lifestyle homes in Gold Coast can be difficult. However, when you look at each property from all angles, you will soon realise that there is something for everyone. Your Gold Coast holiday should be fun and exciting, and it doesn’t matter whether you select a beachfront unit or a classic, vintage design property. It is very important that you choose the home that is right for you, because after all, your ideal home is the home that you’ll want to live in forever.