Important Reasons Why You Should Get the Oppo A5S

The Oppo A5S is placed somewhere in the sub- Rs. 10k segment. It comes with a big six.2-inch screen with a water drop silver color touch feature. The screen has excellent viewing angles and HD+ quality but sometimes it does not get too bright even when outdoors. It is a good mobile phone for all age groups. It has been loaded with some advanced features which makes it one of the most talked about mobiles. If you want to buy Oppo A5S then here oppo a5s are some of the important tips that you should follow:

– You should always go for an unlocked mobile phone from a well reputed company like Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola etc. This will ensure that the phone comes with the minimum amount of hassle. Sometimes, you might find some A500S handsets being sold with out this functionality which are the result of illegal resellers trying to sell them directly. A major reason for these non-locked phones is that the companies which make them do not have the budget to invest in creating custom made dual camera setups to work with all the existing camera models of their phones.

– You can take photos of your friends and family even in low light condition by adjusting the settings in your smartphone. In fact, one of the most liked functions in this handset is the low light mode which allows you to take pictures of people even in poor lighting situations. You can set the low light mode while you are in a serene environment. However, if you are out partying with your friends in low light or outdoors then you will need to turn the low light mode on and enjoy taking pictures. The Opo A5s has an external flash which allows it to function well even in low light conditions.

– Apps like Facebook and Myspace are quite popular in low light conditions. These two apps help you to share pictures with your friends and family even when you are out of power. One of the reasons why the Oppo A5S is capable of supporting these two apps is that the handset is equipped with the ColorOS 5.2 OS which is a new type of mobile operating system. It offers a user friendly interface and many new functions such as a music player and video player which are very popular with the younger generation.

– The Oppo A5S comes with a huge internal memory which is great for those who want to keep numerous business apps on it. The phone comes with two SIM cards which makes it convenient for you to change the SIM card from time to time. If you are in need of additional storage space, then the built in memory of the Oppo A5S could prove to be sufficient. You can store up to two hundred and twenty five thousand songs and hundreds of pictures in this memory which is enough to last you a lifetime.

– The rear panel of the phone is also very impressive. The back of the Oppo A5S has a clear display which lets you see the images and text clearly. There are no harsh colors and the image is sharp as well. The speaker of the phone is also quite impressive. You can clearly hear the calls from whichever device you connect it to. The amplifier of the rear panel makes it possible for the voice to be amplified which gives the voice clarity.